Practising with a 50mm

When you think of an outdoor lens, the 50mm is not usually the first lens that comes to mind. However, if you mainly shoot with primes, and don’t have the option or convenience to change the composition on the fly, practising with a lens is a great idea. Taking one lens on a photo outing forces you to think of all your shots with that particular focal lens. It is a challenge I love doing and this time was no exception.

Sunset over Anne and Sandy Cross Conservation Area

For me, personally, I find I use my wide angle or telephoto primes mainly with shooting, so I relished the thought of practising with my 50mm this time. We went out to Anne and Sandy Cross conservation area just south of Calgary. Easily one of my favourite places to explore as they have tons of trails but also its fairly quiet when you think of other places close by like Fishcreek or Nose hill park.

Sandy Cross Trails

Having over 20km’s of trails, it is perfect if you are just looking for somewhere close to home that has beautiful views, Cross conservation is the perfect place to get shots of rolling hills or forests. As a photographer, the only scene it is missing is running water like a stream. The watering hole near the main house near the entrance has signs around it that ask people to keep their distance.

Caterpillar in Cross Conservation Area

There is an abundance of wildlife if that type of photography interests you. I have often seen a large herd of deer on the way up to the Mountain Lookout. As well as tracks of weasels, skunks, coyotes, to name a few mammals. The abundant birdlife during the summer is spectacular.  (Since I was only using a 50mm, this is the closest I was able to get to the local fauna).

Relic at Cross Conservation

If you get a free day and want to explore near Calgary, I definitely recommend grabbing your camera and heading out to the Cross Conservation Area for the day.